class FeedsTermElement

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Encapsulates a taxonomy style term object.

Objects of this class can be turned into a taxonomy term style arrays by casting them.

  $term_object = new FeedsTermElement($term_array);
  $term_array = (array)$term_object;


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Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
FeedsElement::$value protected property
FeedsElement::__toString public function Magic method __toString() for printing and string conversion of this object.
FeedsTermElement::$tid public property
FeedsTermElement::getValue public function Use $name as $value. Overrides FeedsElement::getValue
FeedsTermElement::__construct public function Overrides FeedsElement::__construct


sites/all/modules/ulmus/feeds/plugins/, line 211
Contains FeedsParser and related classes.

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class FeedsTermElement extends FeedsElement {
  public $tid, $vid, $name;

   * @param $term
   *   An array or a stdClass object that is a Drupal taxonomy term.
  public function __construct($term) {
    if (is_array($term)) {
      foreach ($this as $key => $value) {
        $this->$key = isset($term[$key]) ? $term[$key] : NULL;
    elseif (is_object($term)) {
      foreach ($this as $key => $value) {
        $this->$key = isset($term->$key) ? $term->$key : NULL;

   * Use $name as $value.
  public function getValue() {
    return $this->name;



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