function og_field_create_instance

cis7 og.module og_field_create_instance($instance)
cle7 og.module og_field_create_instance($instance)
elmsmedia7 og.module og_field_create_instance($instance)
icor7 og.module og_field_create_instance($instance)
meedjum_blog7 og.module og_field_create_instance($instance)
mooc7 og.module og_field_create_instance($instance)

Implements hook_field_create_instance().

  • Create default OG roles per entity-type and bundle.
  • Create a group audience field on the user's entity, referencing the first group defined.


sites/all/modules/ulmus/og/og.module, line 635
Enable users to create and manage groups with roles and permissions.


function og_field_create_instance($instance) {
  if ($instance['field_name'] != OG_GROUP_FIELD) {

  // Create default roles per entity-type per bundle.
  og_roles_override($instance['entity_type'], $instance['bundle'], 0);

  // Check if we need to add a group audience on the user's entity.
  // We add a different field, so each field can be set differently.
  $entity_type = $instance['entity_type'];
  $bundle = $instance['bundle'];
  foreach (array_keys(og_get_group_audience_fields()) as $field_name) {
    $field = field_info_field($field_name);

    if ($field['settings']['target_type'] == $entity_type && empty($field['settings']['handler_settings']['target_bundles'])) {

    if ($field['settings']['target_type'] == $entity_type && in_array($bundle, $field['settings']['handler_settings']['target_bundles'])) {

  // If we reached here, it means we need to create a field.
  // Pick an unused name.
  $field_name = substr("og_user_$entity_type", 0, 32);
  $i = 1;
  while (field_info_field($field_name)) {
    $field_name = substr("og_user_$entity_type", 0, 32 - strlen($i)) . $i;

  $og_field = og_fields_info(OG_AUDIENCE_FIELD);
  $og_field['field']['settings']['target_type'] = $entity_type;
  $og_field['instance']['label'] = t('Group membership');

  // If the user entity type has multiple bundles, make sure to attach a field
  // instance to all of them.
  $entity_info = entity_get_info('user');
  foreach (array_keys($entity_info['bundles']) as $user_bundle) {
    og_create_field($field_name, 'user', $user_bundle, $og_field);



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