function _video_filter_tips

cis7 video_filter.module _video_filter_tips($filter, $format, $long = FALSE)
cle7 video_filter.module _video_filter_tips($filter, $format, $long = FALSE)
elmsmedia7 video_filter.module _video_filter_tips($filter, $format, $long = FALSE)
icor7 video_filter.module _video_filter_tips($filter, $format, $long = FALSE)
meedjum_blog7 video_filter.module _video_filter_tips($filter, $format, $long = FALSE)
mooc7 video_filter.module _video_filter_tips($filter, $format, $long = FALSE)
1 string reference to '_video_filter_tips'
video_filter_filter_info in sites/all/modules/ulmus/video_filter/video_filter.module
Implements hook_filter_info().


sites/all/modules/ulmus/video_filter/video_filter.module, line 84
Video filter is a highly flexible and easy extendable filter module to embed any type of video in your site using a simple tag.


function _video_filter_tips($filter, $format, $long = FALSE) {
  if ($long) {
    $codecs = video_filter_get_codec_info();
    $supported = array();
    $instructions = array();
    foreach ($codecs as $codec) {
      $supported[] = $codec['name'];
      $instructions[] = isset($codec['instructions']) ? '<li>' . $codec['name'] . ':<br/>' . $codec['instructions'] . '</li>' : '';
    return t('
      <p><strong>Video Filter</strong></p>
      <p>You may insert videos from popular video sites by using a simple tag <code>[video:URL]</code>.</p>
        <li>Single video:<br /><code>[video:]</code></li>
        <li>Random video out of multiple:<br /><code>[video:,]</code></li>
        <li>Override default autoplay setting: <code>[video: autoplay:1]</code></li>
        <li>Override default width and height:<br /><code>[video: width:X height:Y]</code></li>
        <li>Override default aspect ratio:<br /><code>[video: ratio:4/3]</code></li>
        <li>Align the video:<br /><code>[video: align:right]</code></li>
      <p>Supported sites: @codecs.</p>
      <p>Special instructions:</p>
      <small>Some codecs need special input. You\'ll find those instructions here.</small>
      <ul>!instructions</ul>', array(
      '@codecs' => implode(', ', $supported),
      '!instructions' => implode('', $instructions),
  else {
    return t('You may insert videos with [video:URL]');