function views_object::option_definition

cis7 views_object::option_definition()
cle7 views_object::option_definition()
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mooc7 views_object::option_definition()

Information about options for all kinds of purposes will be held here. @code 'option_name' => array(

  • 'default' => default value,
  • 'translatable' => (optional) TRUE/FALSE (wrap in t() on export if true),
  • 'contains' => (optional) array of items this contains, with its own defaults, etc. If contains is set, the default will be ignored and assumed to be array().
  • 'bool' => (optional) TRUE/FALSE Is the value a boolean value. This will change the export format to TRUE/FALSE instead of 1/0.
  • 'export' => (optional) FALSE or a callback for special export handling if necessary.
  • 'unpack_translatable' => (optional) callback for special handling for translating data within the option, if necessary.


Return value

array Returns the options of this handler/plugin.

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Information about options for all kinds of purposes will be held here. @code 'option_name' => array(


sites/all/modules/ulmus/views/includes/, line 55
Provides the basic object definitions used by plugins and handlers.


Basic definition for many views objects.


function option_definition() {
  return array();