function views_handler::case_transform

cis7 views_handler::case_transform($string, $option)
cle7 views_handler::case_transform($string, $option)
elmsmedia7 views_handler::case_transform($string, $option)
icor7 views_handler::case_transform($string, $option)
meedjum_blog7 views_handler::case_transform($string, $option)
mooc7 views_handler::case_transform($string, $option)

Transform a string by a certain method.


$string: The input you want to transform.

$option: How do you want to transform it, possible values:

  • upper: Uppercase the string.
  • lower: lowercase the string.
  • ucfirst: Make the first char uppercase.
  • ucwords: Make each word in the string uppercase.

Return value

string The transformed string.

5 calls to views_handler::case_transform()
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sites/all/modules/ulmus/views/includes/, line 355
Defines the various handler objects to help build and display views.


Base handler, from which all the other handlers are derived. It creates a common interface to create consistency amongst handlers and data.


function case_transform($string, $option) {
  global $multibyte;

  switch ($option) {
      return $string;
    case 'upper':
      return drupal_strtoupper($string);
    case 'lower':
      return drupal_strtolower($string);
    case 'ucfirst':
      return drupal_strtoupper(drupal_substr($string, 0, 1)) . drupal_substr($string, 1);
    case 'ucwords':
      if ($multibyte == UNICODE_MULTIBYTE) {
        return mb_convert_case($string, MB_CASE_TITLE);
      else {
        return ucwords($string);



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