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cis7 views_object_types()
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Provide a list of views object types used in a view, with some information about them.

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sites/all/modules/ulmus/views/includes/, line 2584
Provides the view object type and associated methods.


function views_object_types() {
  static $retval = NULL;

  // statically cache this so t() doesn't run a bajillion times.
  if (!isset($retval)) {
    $retval = array(
      'field' => array(
        'title' => t('Fields'), // title
        'ltitle' => t('fields'), // lowercase title for mid-sentence
        'stitle' => t('Field'), // singular title
        'lstitle' => t('field'), // singular lowercase title for mid sentence
        'plural' => 'fields',
      'argument' => array(
        'title' => t('Contextual filters'),
        'ltitle' => t('contextual filters'),
        'stitle' => t('Contextual filter'),
        'lstitle' => t('contextual filter'),
        'plural' => 'arguments',
      'sort' => array(
        'title' => t('Sort criteria'),
        'ltitle' => t('sort criteria'),
        'stitle' => t('Sort criterion'),
        'lstitle' => t('sort criterion'),
        'plural' => 'sorts',
      'filter' => array(
        'title' => t('Filter criteria'),
        'ltitle' => t('filter criteria'),
        'stitle' => t('Filter criterion'),
        'lstitle' => t('filter criterion'),
        'plural' => 'filters',
      'relationship' => array(
        'title' => t('Relationships'),
        'ltitle' => t('relationships'),
        'stitle' => t('Relationship'),
        'lstitle' => t('Relationship'),
        'plural' => 'relationships',
      'header' => array(
        'title' => t('Header'),
        'ltitle' => t('header'),
        'stitle' => t('Header'),
        'lstitle' => t('Header'),
        'plural' => 'header',
        'type' => 'area',
      'footer' => array(
        'title' => t('Footer'),
        'ltitle' => t('footer'),
        'stitle' => t('Footer'),
        'lstitle' => t('Footer'),
        'plural' => 'footer',
        'type' => 'area',
      'empty' => array(
        'title' => t('No results behavior'),
        'ltitle' => t('no results behavior'),
        'stitle' => t('No results behavior'),
        'lstitle' => t('No results behavior'),
        'plural' => 'empty',
        'type' => 'area',

  return $retval;



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