function views_plugin_display::export_handler

cis7 views_plugin_display::export_handler($indent, $prefix, $storage, $option, $definition, $parents)
cle7 views_plugin_display::export_handler($indent, $prefix, $storage, $option, $definition, $parents)
elmsmedia7 views_plugin_display::export_handler($indent, $prefix, $storage, $option, $definition, $parents)
icor7 views_plugin_display::export_handler($indent, $prefix, $storage, $option, $definition, $parents)
meedjum_blog7 views_plugin_display::export_handler($indent, $prefix, $storage, $option, $definition, $parents)
mooc7 views_plugin_display::export_handler($indent, $prefix, $storage, $option, $definition, $parents)

Special method to export items that have handlers.

This method was specified in the option_definition() as the method to utilize to export fields, filters, sort criteria, relationships and arguments. This passes the export off to the individual handlers so that they can export themselves properly.


sites/all/modules/ulmus/views/plugins/, line 2849
Contains the base display plugin.


The default display plugin handler. Display plugins handle options and basic mechanisms for different output methods.


function export_handler($indent, $prefix, $storage, $option, $definition, $parents) {
  $output = '';

  // cut the 's' off because the data is stored as the plural form but we need
  // the singular form. Who designed that anyway? Oh yeah, I did. :(
  if ($option != 'header' && $option != 'footer' && $option != 'empty') {
    $type = substr($option, 0, -1);
  else {
    $type = $option;
  $types = views_object_types();
  foreach ($storage[$option] as $id => $info) {
    if (!empty($types[$type]['type'])) {
      $handler_type = $types[$type]['type'];
    else {
      $handler_type = $type;
    // If aggregation is on, the group type might override the actual
    // handler that is in use. This piece of code checks that and,
    // if necessary, sets the override handler.
    $override = NULL;
    if ($this->use_group_by() && !empty($info['group_type'])) {
      if (empty($this->view->query)) {
      $aggregate = $this->view->query->get_aggregation_info();
      if (!empty($aggregate[$info['group_type']]['handler'][$type])) {
        $override = $aggregate[$info['group_type']]['handler'][$type];
    $handler = views_get_handler($info['table'], $info['field'], $handler_type, $override);
    if ($handler) {
      $handler->init($this->view, $info);
      $output .= $indent . '/* ' . $types[$type]['stitle'] . ': ' . $handler->ui_name() . " */\n";
      $output .= $handler->export_options($indent, $prefix . "['$option']['$id']");

    // Prevent reference problems.

  return $output;