function views_plugin_display::export_option

cis7 views_plugin_display::export_option($indent, $prefix, $storage, $option, $definition, $parents)
cle7 views_plugin_display::export_option($indent, $prefix, $storage, $option, $definition, $parents)
elmsmedia7 views_plugin_display::export_option($indent, $prefix, $storage, $option, $definition, $parents)
icor7 views_plugin_display::export_option($indent, $prefix, $storage, $option, $definition, $parents)
meedjum_blog7 views_plugin_display::export_option($indent, $prefix, $storage, $option, $definition, $parents)
mooc7 views_plugin_display::export_option($indent, $prefix, $storage, $option, $definition, $parents)

Override of export_option()

Because displays do not want to export options that are NOT overridden from the default display, we need some special handling during the export process.


sites/all/modules/ulmus/views/plugins/, line 2820
Contains the base display plugin.


The default display plugin handler. Display plugins handle options and basic mechanisms for different output methods.


function export_option($indent, $prefix, $storage, $option, $definition, $parents) {
  // The $prefix is wrong because we store our actual options a little differently:
  $prefix = '$handler->display->display_options';
  $output = '';
  if (!$parents && !$this->is_default_display()) {
    // Do not export items that are not overridden.
    if ($this->is_defaulted($option)) {

    // If this is not defaulted and is overrideable, flip the switch to say this
    // is overridden.
    if ($this->defaultable_sections($option)) {
      $output .= $indent . $prefix . "['defaults']['$option'] = FALSE;\n";

  $output .= parent::export_option($indent, $prefix, $storage, $option, $definition, $parents);
  return $output;