function at_load_conditional_styles

cis7 at_load_conditional_styles($filepath, $ie_style, $theme_name, $weight = 0)
cle7 at_load_conditional_styles($filepath, $ie_style, $theme_name, $weight = 0)
elmsmedia7 at_load_conditional_styles($filepath, $ie_style, $theme_name, $weight = 0)
icor7 at_load_conditional_styles($filepath, $ie_style, $theme_name, $weight = 0)
meedjum_blog7 at_load_conditional_styles($filepath, $ie_style, $theme_name, $weight = 0)
mooc7 at_load_conditional_styles($filepath, $ie_style, $theme_name, $weight = 0)

Load Sub-theme IE Stylesheets. Wrapper function for drupal_add_css() that makes use the 'browser' option to load stylesheets for Internet Explorer.


$filepath, path to the file.:

$ie_style, an arry containing the media attribute value and the IE: conditional comment.

$theme_name, the active theme.:

$weight, optional.:

2 calls to at_load_conditional_styles()
at_load_layout_css in sites/all/themes/ulmus/adaptivetheme/at_core/inc/
Conditionally load stylesheets to set the layout.
at_load_subtheme_conditional_styles in sites/all/themes/ulmus/adaptivetheme/at_core/inc/
Build arrays of conditional styles to load Sub-themes can declare conditional stylesheets in the info file, we need to get this info file data and process it.


sites/all/themes/ulmus/adaptivetheme/at_core/inc/, line 511
Provides frequently used functions that load something, ususally CSS or JS files, or that provide assistance to those loaders.


function at_load_conditional_styles($filepath, $ie_style, $theme_name, $weight = 0) {
  if (file_exists($filepath)) {
    drupal_add_css($filepath, array(
      'group' => CSS_THEME,
      'browsers' => array(
        'IE' => $ie_style['condition'],
        '!IE' => FALSE,
      'media' => $ie_style['media'],
      'preprocess' => TRUE,
      'weight' => $weight,
  else {
    at_load_failure($filepath, $theme_name);



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