function alpha_theme_trail

cis7 alpha_theme_trail($theme)
cle7 alpha_theme_trail($theme)
elmsmedia7 alpha_theme_trail($theme)
icor7 alpha_theme_trail($theme)
meedjum_blog7 alpha_theme_trail($theme)
mooc7 alpha_theme_trail($theme)

Builds the full theme trail (deepest base theme first, subtheme last) for a theme.


$theme: The key (machin-readable name) of a theme.

Return value

An array of all themes in the trail, keyed by theme key.

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sites/all/themes/ulmus/omega/alpha/includes/, line 185
Helper functions for the Alpha base theme.


function alpha_theme_trail($theme) {
  $static = &drupal_static(__FUNCTION__);

  if (!isset($static)) {
    $themes = list_themes();

    if (isset($themes[$theme]->info['base theme'])) {
      foreach (system_find_base_themes($themes, $theme) as $base => $name) {
        if ($name && isset($themes[$base])) {
          $static[$theme][$base] = $themes[$base]->info['name'];

    // Add our current subtheme ($key) to that array.
    if (isset($themes[$theme])) {
      $static[$theme][$theme] = $themes[$theme]->info['name'];

  if (isset($static[$theme])) {
    return $static[$theme];



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